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What’s New?

As a dedicated artist, I have created this site to make sure that my music is heard! This is a place where fans can come to learn more about me as an artist as well as get updates about new projects I am working on!

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As an artist, it is my dream to get myself out there.  My ultimate goal is to continue releasing new music that my fans enjoy! In order to do this, I need your help to get my new single "Better Off to 1,000 plays!

For those of you who don't have spotify, don't worry! "Better Off" is also streaming on youtube! Every view, like, and subscribe helps me get closer to achieving my goal!

Want to stay up to date on my latest projects? Make sure to check out my instagram for updates :)


Who I am

My name is Cara Paige and I am a 19 year old singer/songwriter.  I first started playing the guitar when I was 16.  I was inspired by Taylor Swift; she is one of my biggest influencers and my dream is to collaborate with her one day! I love writing music and I can't wait to see what is in store for my future! Thanks for all the support, and make sure to check out my new single "Better Off" available on all music platforms now!


Reach out! I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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